Catchin up

Posted: November 27, 2012 in CrossFit

Tonight I finished in second place out of I guess maybe 10 people.  I thought that was a pretty amazing accomplishment considering that I usually finish pretty darn close to last.  With a time of 8:48, I am proud.


Okay, so I did 100 singles instead of double unders, which technically means I didn’t finish first, but I’m still proud of myself because there were a lot of others doing singles.  It’s not a competition, but sometimes it’s nice to know that I’m improving. 

Anyways, here’s the WOD:


I used a 30lb kb for the mason twists, 65lb bar for the front squats and completed 100 singles at the end of each round for the 3 rounds. 
This WOD was surprisingly easy given the front squats (dislike).  I’m thinking my weight needs to go up a little.  :/

Anyways, I need a CrossFit journal, so I’ve decided to make one.  Also, I think I should write down what I’m eating so I can lose some weight.  I’m not worried about what it says on the scale, but I am eating a bunch of crap (holidays), so I need to make sure that I’m getting enough vitamins and minerals from good food before I stuff my face with pumpkin pie. 

Also, it makes me fat.  Like really fat.  *sigh*  Even with a crazy work out schedule, I can still gain a ton of weight from eating pie… because I can eat a whole pie in one sitting, probably.  (Okay, definitely…  I’ve done it before… more than once.)

Whatever… here are some random pictures that might make you smile… or shake your head.

My Halloween WOD costume (for the ladies who think CrossFit will make them manly):

Yeah. I’m pretty hot there, I gotta say.

Also, here’s a nice one of my fiance and nephew, but before you say that’s child abuse, just know that the little guy was laughing the whole time. He’s as crazy and his Aunt and Uncle. 😉

Well… I guess I’ll be going to bed/reading the new Stephanie Plum novel. (So much for my sleeping 8 hours a night goal.)


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