Holly, Jolly… Jelly Belly

Posted: December 14, 2012 in CrossFit

I think the holidays are a great time for me to lose weight.  I find myself staying in a lot more because of the cold and drinking a lot less.  My biggest problem isn’t food, though… it’s the booze + food.  Once the alcohol goes in, the good judgement about my diet goes out.  I find myself sitting at Waffle House at 3am ordering an All Star Special with chocolate chip waffles.  (GASP!)

In an effort to drop the extra poundage and help myself maintain a good weight, I’ve decided to not have any alcohol for the next few weeks.  It’s gonna be hard given all the fabulous parties I’ll be attending, but I think I can manage.  Kyle will love it because he’ll have a designated driver when I feel like going out.  Other than that, the only upside (besides health and safety) is that I might actually lose some fat.

I’ve been consistently attending WODs every single day, and on Sundays (when I’m not being lazy) I’ll go for a run.  🙂  I could use a lot more cardio (running), but my knee is still being a baby.  I’ve got knee straps coming in the mail tomorrow, though.  I gotta say that I’m SUPER pumped about them.  Also, my wrist straps should be here, too.  I don’t need those as often, but they might be able to do me so good on thrusters.

Anyhow, I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while.  I’ve been lazy.  I’ll have to post a video here soon of me making peanut brittle, which is my holiday specialty.  It’s not paleo, and it’s not healthy, but I’m not the one eating it.  That makes it alright… so long as I don’t taste test in the kitchen.  *sigh*

Oh, and I nominated Heather (very pregnant Heather) for some new shoes from a contest that CrossFit Women is doing today and tomorrow.  I’m hoping she wins.  She totally deserves them.  Can’t wait until Saturday for the preggie WOD.  This’ll be fun, and you can bet cho ass there are going to be some amazing pictures.

Well, time for bed… weight lifting is tomorrow morning at 6am.


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