Partied out…

Posted: December 17, 2012 in CrossFit

Every time I make a resolution to have a successful weekend (food/exercise) I screw it up at parties.  All the delicious food and drinks prove to be too tempting for me.  I have to figure out a way around this; even eating before I arrive doesn’t work.  :/  I’m just a piggy and can’t resist good, free food.

Good thing I worked my little fanny off on Saturday morning in weight lifting then CrossFit immediately afterward.  Go me!

And guess what, we totally did the preggie WOD, and it was hilarious.


The guys were having a hell of a time trying to make kettle bell swings and deadlifts work with a giant ball strapped to their tummies.  Not only that, but they complained about the back pain and spasms incessantly.  Weenies.  Thankfully, I had a smaller (but heavier) ball than most of the other ladies.  It wasn’t quite in the way as much.  Running proved to be kind of a pain in the ass.  Remind me not to get pregnant… ever. 

That goofy red head in the corner with the GIANT smile on (I don’t know what was so funny) is me. 

Another one for your pleasure from our Ugly Sweater WOD last weekend.  (I don’t think I already posted it.)


I have the white-ish puke color sweater on.  It was a beauty, let me tell ya.  I thought the antlers were a nice touch, too.  And just because I love posting pictures so much, here are some of the crafts I’m working on. 


Aren’t they cute?!  I’m putting them on the bags I’m making for my homemade peanut brittle.  I wish you could try some because I know you’d love it, too, whoever you are.  I’m also putting together some “adult” hot chocolate jars to go with the brittle.  And by “adult”… I mean booze. 

Layer hot chocolate mix, chocolate chips, and marshmallows in a jar.  Then tie a tiny bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream to the jar with pretty ribbon.  Perfect treat for those over-21 loved ones.  If you wanna get really crazy, you can melt some of the chocolate chips, dip a plastic spoon in the chocolate, let it harden, then you’ve got a chocolate covered stirrer for the cocoa. 

I’ve got probably a bagillion ideas for what I’m doing as gift baskets.  Making my peanut brittle, my pretzels, salted caramel chocolate popcorn, hot cocoa, chocolate beer bacon cupcakes with maple frosting (for XFit, obviously), and a few other little things.  Big plans, people, big plans.

None of these plans is working well with my goals for cutting the sugar.  *sigh*  When I bake, I taste test.  It’s a problem. 

Not to be gotten down for too long by my own lack of will power, I’m pretty excited to use my new wrist straps tomorrow.  😀  Got them in on Friday and haven’t needed them, yet.  I’m hoping we’ll do some thrusters or something in the morning. 


Well, it’s 12:13am, and I’m supposed to be awake, ready, and out the door at 5:30am to work out.  (I know… sleep is VITAL, and I should know better.)  I can’t help it.  I slept in this morning and ate cake today.  I’m basically wired, but I’m going to force myself to fall asleep if I have to beat myself over the head with a rock.  I can’t miss tomorrow morning.  So good night folks!


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