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Happy New Year

Posted: January 7, 2013 in CrossFit
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I took a bit of a break from eating right over the holidays and guess what?  I gained 6 lbs.  Yup.  That’s what happens when you eat pie like the world is gonna end.  Since the world didn’t end and I’m still chubby, it’s time to get back on the wagon. 

CrossFit is still pretty good.  Weight lifting is alright, but mornings are still not my thang.  I’m having a super hard time getting my lazy bum outta bed before dawn.  My body and coach just disagree about what constitutes morning.  He says 5am, and my body says whenever the sun has been up for at least half an hour. 

In an effort to make him happy (and not hate me for missing class) I decided to get a sunrise alarm…. until I saw the prices for such beasts.  $120.00?! 

So I thought of another option… a CFL bulb (because they take a while to warm up and get to full brightness) and a lamp timer.  Bam!  I’m going to pick them up from Home Depot before class.  When I get home, I’ll set it up with my bedside lamp.  I’m excited to see if this works, but I’ll post pics either way.

On a more fitness related note, I tried Hot Yoga for the first time yesterday.  And I thought about passing out once… maybe twice.  I just relaxed on my mat for a good 5 minutes toward the end of the 1.5 hour session because I didn’t think I could handle even stretching out my legs. 

They say the goal of the first class is just to stay in the room, and luckily, I managed it.  A couple of my fellow CrossFit friends came, and they loved it, too, even though they had similar reactions to mine toward the end.  Yoga in 105 degrees is HOLY HOT, let me tell ya… and we’re from Texas.


There we are afterward as proof that we survived.  I’m a bit shell shocked here, and we were all monstrously sweaty.  Happy nonetheless.  😀  (Mostly happy it was over.)  We’re going back for more torture 3 times a week together now.  It’s a good complement to CrossFit because it helps with injuries, mobility, etc.

Oh, and I wanted to share something that I thought was amazing… banana ice cream!  I didn’t know you could make ice cream from bananas, but you can. 

It’s super easy, too… peel 3 bananas, slice into 1/4 inch slices, freeze the slices, then once frozen, process them in a food processor until smooth.  (You have to occasionally scrape the sides of the processor down, btw.)

Delicious!  Put some almond butter and cocoa powder in there, too for more flavor.  Enjoy!


Partied out…

Posted: December 17, 2012 in CrossFit

Every time I make a resolution to have a successful weekend (food/exercise) I screw it up at parties.  All the delicious food and drinks prove to be too tempting for me.  I have to figure out a way around this; even eating before I arrive doesn’t work.  :/  I’m just a piggy and can’t resist good, free food.

Good thing I worked my little fanny off on Saturday morning in weight lifting then CrossFit immediately afterward.  Go me!

And guess what, we totally did the preggie WOD, and it was hilarious.


The guys were having a hell of a time trying to make kettle bell swings and deadlifts work with a giant ball strapped to their tummies.  Not only that, but they complained about the back pain and spasms incessantly.  Weenies.  Thankfully, I had a smaller (but heavier) ball than most of the other ladies.  It wasn’t quite in the way as much.  Running proved to be kind of a pain in the ass.  Remind me not to get pregnant… ever. 

That goofy red head in the corner with the GIANT smile on (I don’t know what was so funny) is me. 

Another one for your pleasure from our Ugly Sweater WOD last weekend.  (I don’t think I already posted it.)


I have the white-ish puke color sweater on.  It was a beauty, let me tell ya.  I thought the antlers were a nice touch, too.  And just because I love posting pictures so much, here are some of the crafts I’m working on. 


Aren’t they cute?!  I’m putting them on the bags I’m making for my homemade peanut brittle.  I wish you could try some because I know you’d love it, too, whoever you are.  I’m also putting together some “adult” hot chocolate jars to go with the brittle.  And by “adult”… I mean booze. 

Layer hot chocolate mix, chocolate chips, and marshmallows in a jar.  Then tie a tiny bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream to the jar with pretty ribbon.  Perfect treat for those over-21 loved ones.  If you wanna get really crazy, you can melt some of the chocolate chips, dip a plastic spoon in the chocolate, let it harden, then you’ve got a chocolate covered stirrer for the cocoa. 

I’ve got probably a bagillion ideas for what I’m doing as gift baskets.  Making my peanut brittle, my pretzels, salted caramel chocolate popcorn, hot cocoa, chocolate beer bacon cupcakes with maple frosting (for XFit, obviously), and a few other little things.  Big plans, people, big plans.

None of these plans is working well with my goals for cutting the sugar.  *sigh*  When I bake, I taste test.  It’s a problem. 

Not to be gotten down for too long by my own lack of will power, I’m pretty excited to use my new wrist straps tomorrow.  😀  Got them in on Friday and haven’t needed them, yet.  I’m hoping we’ll do some thrusters or something in the morning. 


Well, it’s 12:13am, and I’m supposed to be awake, ready, and out the door at 5:30am to work out.  (I know… sleep is VITAL, and I should know better.)  I can’t help it.  I slept in this morning and ate cake today.  I’m basically wired, but I’m going to force myself to fall asleep if I have to beat myself over the head with a rock.  I can’t miss tomorrow morning.  So good night folks!

Holly, Jolly… Jelly Belly

Posted: December 14, 2012 in CrossFit

I think the holidays are a great time for me to lose weight.  I find myself staying in a lot more because of the cold and drinking a lot less.  My biggest problem isn’t food, though… it’s the booze + food.  Once the alcohol goes in, the good judgement about my diet goes out.  I find myself sitting at Waffle House at 3am ordering an All Star Special with chocolate chip waffles.  (GASP!)

In an effort to drop the extra poundage and help myself maintain a good weight, I’ve decided to not have any alcohol for the next few weeks.  It’s gonna be hard given all the fabulous parties I’ll be attending, but I think I can manage.  Kyle will love it because he’ll have a designated driver when I feel like going out.  Other than that, the only upside (besides health and safety) is that I might actually lose some fat.

I’ve been consistently attending WODs every single day, and on Sundays (when I’m not being lazy) I’ll go for a run.  🙂  I could use a lot more cardio (running), but my knee is still being a baby.  I’ve got knee straps coming in the mail tomorrow, though.  I gotta say that I’m SUPER pumped about them.  Also, my wrist straps should be here, too.  I don’t need those as often, but they might be able to do me so good on thrusters.

Anyhow, I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while.  I’ve been lazy.  I’ll have to post a video here soon of me making peanut brittle, which is my holiday specialty.  It’s not paleo, and it’s not healthy, but I’m not the one eating it.  That makes it alright… so long as I don’t taste test in the kitchen.  *sigh*

Oh, and I nominated Heather (very pregnant Heather) for some new shoes from a contest that CrossFit Women is doing today and tomorrow.  I’m hoping she wins.  She totally deserves them.  Can’t wait until Saturday for the preggie WOD.  This’ll be fun, and you can bet cho ass there are going to be some amazing pictures.

Well, time for bed… weight lifting is tomorrow morning at 6am.

Back on the wagon.

Posted: December 5, 2012 in CrossFit

This last weekend was a blur of activity.  I ate a lot of junk food, drank a lot of beer, and basically, I felt like crap yesterday for it.  It’s always Monday that’s the hardest part of the week.  I can usually get my act together by Tuesday, but no more of this yo-yo silliness.

For the rest of December, I will make sure to keep my sh*t together and not go bonkers on the weekends.  My background check for the police department FINALLY started today, so I’m absolutely thrilled!  I might actually make it into the March academy at this rate.  I am so excited that I can barely stand it, and I know I still have to wait a few more months.  Calm down, Jessie.

Anyway, so the WOD today wasn’t that bad.  It took us forever because all of us lazily fast-walked the 200m at the end of each of the 4 rounds instead of truly running.  I mean, we were all holding kettle bells, so that made it a lot harder, but still.

100 Sit-ups buy in, then
4 rounds:
20 kb swings
8 kb thrusters
200m kb run

My time was 20:08, and that put me in 3rd place with a 30 lb kb.  I wanted to get done quickly so I could see a movie by myself at the AMC theatre.  😀  It worked. 


There were a LOT of people in the 6pm class today, which made it super fun.  I wish we could do a team WOD soon.  I love competition.  It makes me work a lot harder knowing I can’t let my team down.  I mean, we could!  We’ve got the numbers.  😀 

Oh, I’m the one in black sitting near Charlotte in the yellow.  You can’t see me because I’m so far back there, but you get the idea.

Quack quack quack…

Posted: November 30, 2012 in CrossFit

My first attempt at making duck, and it is delicious.  I think I overcooked it a little, based on my observations of the beautiful color that is everyone else’s duck online.  Mine looks like chicken on the inside. 


It’s so juicy and delicious, though.  I decided to (for extra yum) drown it in honey and maple syrup… well, not really.  I just used about a few tablespoons of each.  Still, it is amazing!!!  I’m trying to think of ways to make it last.  I was so hungry for protein when I took it out of the oven that I ate a leg immediately. 


Now I feel kinda gross because I also ate some pie.  😦  I guess I was feeling like it was my own personal holiday or something.  I’m going to try to go running later to make up for having been so reckless in the kitchen… or maybe not.  I’m feeling kinda lazy.

Tomorrow is CrossFit totals… YAY!

CrossFit 5K

Posted: November 30, 2012 in CrossFit
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So it was really hard for me to go in today… like really hard.  I sat on my bed for 30 minutes waiting to find the energy to get to the box, and it never happened.  I dressed in my gym clothes all the while telling myself that I would want to once I was ready.  Really I just was like… well, I’m already dressed… I guess I should. 
When I got there, I still wasn’t feelin’ it, but after the warm up, I was more in tune with my energy levels.  The run was lonely but eye-opening.  I can totally do a 5K.  Psh…

After the run I guess we were all longing for something CrossFit-like to do.  So we hung out at the box for another hour and a half like nerds and practiced kipping.  I look like a fish outta water when I attempt to kip. 


There’s the 6pm class all laughing at my sad attempts at kipping.  It’s okay because I blew their minds with my mad pole dancing skillz!

Anyway, my time was something like 33 minutes on the 5K.  (I took off a minute and a half for having to wait at traffic lights!  Ugh…)

On a happier, more delicious note, I made twice baked sweet potatoes today using a very slightly modified version of Juli’s recipe from

It was frickin’ delicious!!! I ate (gasp) THREE of them today. Two for lunch and one after CrossFit.


That woman is a genius in the kitchen…. just brilliant.


Posted: November 28, 2012 in CrossFit

Completed Helen yesterday.  My time was 14:05.  Slllllooooooowwwww.  And there’s really no excuse for that.  I used a 1 pood kb (Russian weight for approximately 36 lbs) and a green band for assist on the pull ups.  Charlotte still kicked my ass.  She’s faster than I am… and she’s in much better shape.  But still.

I’m thinking of quitting my second job (definitely will… just have to decide when) so that I can devote 2-3 hours a day to CrossFit.  The police academy will be no joke, so I need to be prepared for physical torture, basically.  I think 2 hours of CrossFit every single day is just about on par with torture… in a good way.

Also, we have CFTs this weekend.  (CrossFit Totals).  In case you aren’t familiar with CrossFit, this just means the sum of a person’s best 1 rep max of dead lift, press, and squat.  My goal is 409, which will put me right at intermediate level.  If I get higher than that, I’ll be very pleased.  I’m not even thinking about getting lower than intermediate.  Not gonna happen.


In case you were sniggering, my press was only 65 but for 15 reps, and I was able to do it without any problems.  I imagine that I’ll be maxing with 85 this weekend.

My goal is to be in the advanced category by March.

Check out this weight lifting standards chart I found from the Aasgaard Company.  It’ll give you an idea of where you stand.  Feel free to share where you stand and how long you’ve been training, too.  You know I’m interested because I’m nosy and competitive.


Just in case you can’t see it, here’s the link:  CrossFit WL Standards

I’m laminating it and putting it in my new CrossFit journal.  😀  Yup… I’m really making one.  I’m going to print everything, then get the local office supply store to bind it together.  I’ll post pics of it tomorrow so you can see how awesome it is.  What I really want is a WOD book from, but alas, I have a monthly budget that is calculated to the dollar.

In other notes, Paleo is difficult when on a strict budget.  Mostly because I want to buy the coconut flour, almond flour, etc to make pancakes, cookies, bread, etc.  Pretty much all the things that I’m not supposed to eat anyways.  Other than that, it’s not too bad.  I got a whole duck from the store a few days ago (on deep discount because those bitches ain’t cheap), and I’m waiting (impatiently) for it to thaw so I can remake the honey seared breasts that I had in Paris, France in May.  I’ll make sure to document this attempt for your entertainment later.