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Posted: January 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

There have been so many changes in the last few weeks that I almost don’t know where to begin.  Bad news first, I suppose?  Well, it’s not really horrible news… just sad.  My fiance and I have decided to call it quits.  Mostly it was me.  I don’t want kids, and he does one day.  It’s definitely a deal breaker.  Anyhow, we’ve decided that it’s probably best not to be friends.  It might not even be possible after 10 years.  My hope is that he finds someone who loves him more than I ever did and who can make him happy with a bunch of little ones.

The good news, you ask?  The silver lining?  I’ve been accepted into the police academy.  It starts April 10th, so I have exactly 10 weeks to get the rest of the chub off and really focus on making myself a much better person mentally and physically.  

Being single is going to be hard and weird for a while, but I’m kind of excited about it.  Things are changing faster than I could have ever imagined, but maybe that’s the best kind of change.  Clean breaks heal the fastest.  

CrossFit is going very well.  I’ve been a little tired lately, but I think it’s because I haven’t really been getting a lot of sleep.  Stress coupled with a terrible schedule aren’t really conducive to a great metabolism and powerful lifts.  Time to get my shit together.  

I just have to remember that I love myself enough to make my dreams come true.  


My Achin’ Back

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

I got really frustrated today during weight lifting, and when I say frustrated, I mean stupid mad. I had to take a mini-break to collect myself.  You see, I’m having major lower back issues.  My deadlift isn’t where it needs to be because of this, and I’m just overall really pissed about it.

I’ve been stretching, decompressing, etc for weeks now, and it won’t let up.  The moment I deadlift more than a few times, it’s back.  I’ve been trying to build up my core, too because I have a sneaking suspicion that my stabilizer muscles aren’t all that great.

My coach has watched me carefully the last few weeks, and he told me to skip the weighted good mornings today.  I really blew it, then.  Watching everyone else around me do varying weights of something I can’t do at all left such a horrible flavor of disappointment in my mouth that I could literally taste it.

Needless to say, I should have handled the whole thing with more grace and understanding, but it was too early in the morning for that.  I walked to the restroom, sat down for a minute and talked myself out of punching a hole in the wall.  Crazy much?

Anyway, I flipped a tire 50 times and felt a little better, so I continued the work out.  Afterward, I still felt frustrated.  I attribute that to a lack of good sleep and delicious food because I’m feeling much better now after coffee and eggs.

I can smile freely at the moment, and Thursday I’m going to give it my all for squat day.  No weenie squats for this woman.  On the bright side of today, my max deadlift is now 30 lbs higher than the last CFT.  235 lbs.  I know I can do more, though.  I can feel it… as soon as my back heals.

Just so we can end on an even happier note, here’s a pic from the World Wide WOD Gym Resolution on Saturday.  We had a pretty good time for that one.  😀


That’s me… in the pink and black skele-toes on the right.  All smiles.  I’m trying to channel some of that happiness today.

Bee’s Knees. *sigh*

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m having knee issues.  Ever since the 5K I’ve had pain.  A friend let me borrow a pretty good brace, and I’ve ordered some knee straps online.  Still… the pain persists.  I’ve not run for any significant distance since then in an attempt to let my knees rest, though.  This is very frustrating. 

Also, I think I may have run a red light today on accident.  I’m praying it’s not one of those lights with cameras on it.  The last thing I frickin’ need right now is a ticket, especially now that I’m in the background check process with the police department. 

On the brighter side, (teaching myself to find silver linings after seeing the movie last night) I went to CrossFit twice today and beat my time the second try on the same WOD.  YAY!  It would have been even cooler if I had Rxd, but I’m not too broken up about it.  Also, I started taking Glucosamine & Chondroitin with MSM and Vitamin D3 for my joints.  I’m hoping this will alleviate some of the issues I’m having with my knees.  I’m still taking my Omega fatty acids and a multi, but my coach thinks I might need more.  And even brighter, Kyle came to work out with us this morning at 6am.  I feel sorry for him that he can’t come to the evening classes, too because they’re pretty busy, which makes them more fun and chaotic.  😀 

Nevertheless, he was pleased with the work out, and he kicked my butt.  LAME!  But he didn’t do as much weight as he should have.  (Beginner’s need proper form before they just throw on a bagillion pounds, so if you’re starting out, too, don’t get discouraged if your coach says no to more weight.)  He starts unlimited with us on Monday morning bright and early.  This gives me the motivation to start going in the mornings AND in the evenings.  See my man in the AM and my fraaaands in the PM.  (Kyle and I see one another maybe 2 days out of the week… so we like the idea of working out together now.) 

In an effort to strengthen my crapola legs, I’m getting a 40 lbs-weighted vest tomorrow afternoon, and I’m going to start walking to and from work on Monday morning with it.  I’ll have to post pics of it tomorrow.  Sorry no pics tonight.  I’m exhausted and not feeling very creative with my post.  I hope you understand.  Tomorrow will be more fun, and Saturday will be epic because we’re doing an “Ugly Sweater WOD.”  Yes.  This is happening, and I gotta say, mine is mighty hideous. 

Nighty night. 

I WON! Kinda…

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Well, I came in second yesterday.  I know, I know… it’s not a competition, but I can’t help it.  I’m a competitive person, and beating almost everyone makes me feel accomplished.


800 M

21/15/9:  Push Press then Wall Balls

800 M

I completed the work out in 17:33, which is admittedly still very slow, but I’m getting there.  The whole running thing is where I’m a total loser.  I had to sprint the last 800 M to beat Charlotte.  YEAH!!!  That’s right, I beat my #1 competitor!  (But I’m not too thrilled because she sounded a little sick to begin with, so she’s not at 100%… and I only beat her by like 30 seconds.)

Anyways, enough about the WOD.  I’m worried about my speed.  I have to be able to run 1.5 miles in 13 minutes by March.  Although I think this’ll totally be possible, it’ll be tough.  My goal is to be able to run 1.5 miles in 11.5 minutes and still feel relatively fresh after.

… And this brings me to the WOD today… a 5K.  I’ll let you know how I do with a few pics of the carnage after.  

Oh, and guess what I made yesterday…. the Beard Beanie 2.0!  My creation last year was much less cool, so I’m happy that this one looks more lumberjack.



Breakfast, brunch, and general laziness

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve officially adopted a Paleo diet, which inspired me to create this blog.  I figure if I’m typing away, I’m much less likely to sneak into the kitchen and shove an entire piece of pie in my mouth.  Smart, right!?  Anyways, so this morning was my 4th day on the Paleo challenge.  I tried to do it for 30 days previously, and I broke down and ate oatmeal one morning.  NOT THIS TIME I TELL YOU!  I’m determined.  I’m even ready to Paleo the crap outta Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Armed with (Juli is amazing), a new sense of determination, and the desire to not look like an overstuffed sausage in my winter clothes, I’m ready.

So I made eggs this morning for breakfast.  Sunny side up and had half a banana.  Kick my butt if you say bananas aren’t Paleo.  I don’t care.  I’ll eat them until I pass out from the insulin spiking goodness if I want.  The truth is that I don’t really want that many anyways.  That’s how I know they are okay.  If I don’t crave it, it’s probably not poison.  Mmmm… cereal.  POISON!  See? 

For lunch… salmon with onions, brocolli, and carrots.  It was satisfying and pretty tasty but nothing to drool over.  What I really wanna make is this:

Alas, I have not yet properly stocked my kitchen with the necessary Paleo flour alternatives.  For one, Whole Foods is kinda far and I’m more than kinda lazy and secondly, I’m broke and that sh*t ain’t cheap.  Nevertheless, I will be making/creating food soon enough for you all to check out.

And just so you don’t think I’m weird for having to blog instead of eat, let me give you an inside look into my shared pantry with my carb loving family. 


Yeah.  Dangerous territory in there.