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CrossFit 5K

Posted: November 30, 2012 in CrossFit
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So it was really hard for me to go in today… like really hard.  I sat on my bed for 30 minutes waiting to find the energy to get to the box, and it never happened.  I dressed in my gym clothes all the while telling myself that I would want to once I was ready.  Really I just was like… well, I’m already dressed… I guess I should. 
When I got there, I still wasn’t feelin’ it, but after the warm up, I was more in tune with my energy levels.  The run was lonely but eye-opening.  I can totally do a 5K.  Psh…

After the run I guess we were all longing for something CrossFit-like to do.  So we hung out at the box for another hour and a half like nerds and practiced kipping.  I look like a fish outta water when I attempt to kip. 


There’s the 6pm class all laughing at my sad attempts at kipping.  It’s okay because I blew their minds with my mad pole dancing skillz!

Anyway, my time was something like 33 minutes on the 5K.  (I took off a minute and a half for having to wait at traffic lights!  Ugh…)

On a happier, more delicious note, I made twice baked sweet potatoes today using a very slightly modified version of Juli’s recipe from

It was frickin’ delicious!!! I ate (gasp) THREE of them today. Two for lunch and one after CrossFit.


That woman is a genius in the kitchen…. just brilliant.